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Our Priorities

  • an increase in Intelligence Quotient (acquiring wisdom to achieve success)
  • an increase in Physical Quotient (physical well-being through yoga, health and sports)
  • an increase in Emotional Quotient (through developing a proactive attitude towards team building, creative association and networking with people)
  • an increase in Moral Quotient (by fostering the character ethics of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, trustworthiness and respecting principles and values of a good life)

Faculty Members

Kahkashan Parween Principal
U. Bara Teacher
Shalini Kumari Teacher
Amit Sinha Teacher
Gazala Nasheem Teacher
Saba Parween Teacher
Rizwana Khatoon Teacher
Sheerat Parween Teacher
Nahid Parween Kids Incharge
Shamma Parween Teacher
Sazia Parween Teacher
Kaniz Fatma Teacher
Rukhsana Islam Teacher
Sadma Nasheem Teacher
Rafia Firdaus Teacher
Harendra Pathak Sports Teacher
Rajesh Kumar Sports Teacher
Ashgari Khatoon Non Teaching Staff
Nazma Parween Non Teaching Staff