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Our Priorities

  • an increase in Intelligence Quotient (acquiring wisdom to achieve success)
  • an increase in Physical Quotient (physical well-being through yoga, health and sports)
  • an increase in Emotional Quotient (through developing a proactive attitude towards team building, creative association and networking with people)
  • an increase in Moral Quotient (by fostering the character ethics of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, trustworthiness and respecting principles and values of a good life)

Opportunities for Students

M.M.K. High School provides its students with:

  • Opportunities for growth so they have a positive outlook in life. We develop  programmes which will challenge students to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.
  • Opportunities to acquire knowledge  in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Knowledge and skills will be acquired in an exciting and innovative manner, seeking at all times to develop authentic learning programmes and experiences.
  • Opportunities to develop wisdom. Purposeful living is promoted through an appreciation of ethical behaviour and the delegation of responsibility.