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Our Priorities

  • an increase in Intelligence Quotient (acquiring wisdom to achieve success)
  • an increase in Physical Quotient (physical well-being through yoga, health and sports)
  • an increase in Emotional Quotient (through developing a proactive attitude towards team building, creative association and networking with people)
  • an increase in Moral Quotient (by fostering the character ethics of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, trustworthiness and respecting principles and values of a good life)


Our Education Values

Student learning:

  • We believe each student is a valued individual and can learn best when actively engaged in the learning process rather than merely being a passive recipient of knowledge.
  • We believe each student can become a confident, self-directed, lifelong learner.

Student Achievement:

  • We believe student performance must be measured by standards of excellence that encourage outstanding levels of achievement.
  • We believe all students should be provided with a variety of opportunities to develop and demonstrate life skills enabling them be high achievers in all domains a national and international level.